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About Thomson Counselling


Leveraging on more than 40 years of extensive experience in women's and children’s health, Thomson Kids and Thomson Counselling are key components of Thomson Medical’s ecosystem of synergistic services, where children’s developmental health and well-being are taken care of holistically.

Supported by psychologists, speech and language therapists and special needs trained teachers, Thomson Kids is a learning centre for children with learning difficulties, through structured educational programmes derived from research-proven teaching methods.

Thomson Kids is helmed by Ms Frances Yeo, a child psychologist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. For the past 5 years, Frances has also led a paediatric clinic specialising in psychology and counselling at Thomson Medical. 

We recognise an urgent need to provide support for children with learning difficulties in mainstream schools. As these children struggle to pick up basic literacy and learning skills, they often develop secondary emotional problems such as feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and stress.

Thomson Kids strives to help children with learning difficulties maximise their learning potential, so they will be better equipped to participate and progress within the mainstream educational environment.

Thomson Medical’s focus on preventive health and wellness is also reinforced through its affiliated brand, Thomson Counselling, which helps children, teenagers and families address emotional and behavioural problems that may interface with learning and general well-being.



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Frances Yeo

Principal Psychologist​ & Programme Director​

As a psychologist, Frances specializes in working with children and teens, together with their parents and families. She is experienced in a wide range of issues including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum, learning disorders, eating disorders, and esteem issues. As a mother, she understands fully how every child is different and how important for parents to understand the unique talents and personality of each child.

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