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Speech Therapy Exercises

How Play and Imitation Supercharges Learning for Children with Speech Delays and Autism

Children develop language and communication skills through imitation and play. Use the knowledge and activities shared here to help your child learn through play.

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Using Play to Build Your Child’s Language Skills

Playing with your child will help them develop language and communication skills. Use the knowledge and activities shared here to kickstart their learning.

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Red Flags for Speech and Language Delays

Children with a speech or language delay need extra help to develop at the same pace as their peers. Wondering if your child needs support? Learn the telltale signs of speech and language delay here.

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Speech Therapy Strategies for Improving Language Development

Interacting with your child is crucial to helping them develop strong language skills. Use the strategies shared here to spark your child’s language development.

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How To Help Late Talkers Ask and Answer Questions

Does your child struggle to ask and answer questions? Use the knowledge and activities shared here to help improve your child’s language and communication skills.

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