Nur Diana Rahman

Specialist Teacher - Specialised English Programme

Meet Nur Diana Rahman

Diana has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Specialist Diploma (Educational Therapy) and Postgraduate Certificate (Special Educational Needs and Additional Learning Needs). Diana started her career at the Dyslexic Association of Singapore, providing English literacy support to learners with specific learning differences, particularly those with dyslexia. She has experience working with primary and secondary students at risk of dyslexia and other specific learning differences. Before joining the teaching field, Diana was a research assistant in a numeracy project, working with children with dyscalculia, global developmental delay, autism and challenging disruptive behaviours.

Diana strongly believes in providing a holistic education, working at a pace suitable to the children’s individual needs. She aspires to cater to the different learners and provide them with the opportunity to learn in the best way they can.



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