Lynlee Tan

Senior Educational Psychologist

Meet Lynlee Tan

As a professional with more that 20 years of experience working with children and young persons in the areas of education, counselling and psychology, Lynlee shows an in depth and current understanding of educational pathways and familial policies that might impact a child’s learning and educational journey. She would be able to provide clarity regarding the various different educational pathways locally as well as advice on the support available to children with special educational needs.

Lynlee graduated from the University of Sydney in New South Wales Australia before obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Education as well as a Masters in Applied Psychology, both at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She also holds a Certificate in Counselling and worked as a Senior Probation Office with the Rehabilitation and Protection Group at the Ministry of Social and Family Development as well as an MOE teacher before pursuing work as an Educational Psychologist. She has worked in both the private and social service sectors as a psychologist for the last 10 years. She is both a Registered Psychologist as well as an Approved Supervisor with the Singapore Register of Psychologist. Lynlee is fluent in English and Mandarin. As a psychologist, her specialisation includes providing psychoeducational assessment and consultations for children with language (English and Chinese), reading, writing, math and attention difficulties amongst others.

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