Gan Po Lin

Senior Specialist Teacher – Specialised English Programme

Meet Gan Po Lin

Po Lin is an experienced teacher and has been teaching for 15 years.  She is passionate about working with children and wants them to become confident and independent learners.

Po Lin was a former MOE school teacher and taught both English and Mathematics in primary schools for 12 years.  Apart from carrying out her teaching and administrative duties, she was also a member of the English committee and was involved in events supporting English development.  As a school teacher, she encountered students who were struggling to learn due to their literacy difficulties.  Feeling empathetic towards them, she provided additional guidance to help them learn the English language. 

Po Lin’s desire to help more students with specific learning differences prompted her to join the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) as an educational therapist in 2018.  During her three-year stint at DAS, she taught English to students with dyslexia and other comorbidities. To maximise her students’ learning experiences, she supported their emotional well-being whilst planning and implementing classroom activities based on their literacy needs and interest using the Orton-Gillingham principles. She also involved parents in their child’s learning journey by sharing with them how they could support their child at home.  Being able to engage both her students and their parents, her students have shown improvement in their literacy skills. 

Po Lin holds a Bachelor of Science (Management) Degree awarded by the University of London and the Singapore Institute of Management and her teaching qualifications are as follows: Diploma in Education with Credit (Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education), Specialist Diploma in Educational Therapy (DAS Academy) and Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs and Additional Learning Needs (University of South Wales, DAS Academy).

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