Frances Yeo

Principal Psychologist​ & Programme Director​

“I see many children who struggle with learning. They are not confident because of hidden learning difficulties and struggle in schools. From working with these kids, I have seen many of them overcome their challenges if we can create the right environments for them. By making lessons engaging through multi-sensory activities, these children can do much better as compared to traditional classroom learning. We founded Thomson Kids to provide the appropriate learning environments based on insights from research and our collective clinical experience. “​

Lee Xin Ying

Senior Specialist Teacher & Curriculum Writer

"Having both the 'heartware'—a passion for special needs—and the 'hardware'—training in special education, linguistics and psychology, I strive to empower children with special needs in their literacy journey. I enjoy learning and growing together with my students amidst beautiful struggles.”

Elizabeth Mui Yee Yen

Senior Speech Therapist

“I believe that children with special needs have endless potential. I enjoy celebrating wins – big and small. Supporting my students in meeting their therapy goals can be immensely motivating. Watching them achieve gains in communication skills fuels my drive to continuously provide effective interventions to help every child I meet learn to communicate with confidence“​

See Lay Yen

Senior Specialist Teacher - Specialised Chinese Programme

"I find it fulfilling to support and help students with learning difficulties improve and grow in self-confidence. Students with learning difficulties can learn a second language through perseverance and systematic, multisensory instructional approach. I strive to help them reach their highest potential. ”

Jeannie Ko

Senior Specialist Teacher – Specialised English Programme

“Teaching children with learning differences gives me a deep sense of satisfaction; watching them progress and sharing positive praise with parents are my rewarding moments of teaching

Yang Wanling

Specialist Teacher – Specialised English Programme

“When I first started teaching reading to preschoolers, I encountered a number of children requiring special attention. With patience, close observation, and different approaches, I was able to engage these children and help them overcome their learning difficulties. I find it truly rewarding and believe that every learner can succeed. I believe no child should be left behind. Therefore, students with learning difficulties should be guided, using the right methodology to help them feel included in the classroom. I hope to work with more children to help support them in bridging the gap so they could journey alongside their peers.”

See Loo Peng

Curriculum Specialist (Chinese) and Specialised Teacher

“Teaching is understanding that each student is unique and designing lessons to accommodate students’ different learning styles. I find it rewarding to see students with learning difficulties show improvements in Chinese language through the multi-sensory activities and the scaffolded curriculum that we have planned at Thomson Kids”.

Gan Po Lin

Senior Specialised Teacher

“It gives me great joy when my students tell me that English is their best subject in school.  From working with them, it affirms my belief that students with learning difficulties can maximise their learning potential if they are in a classroom with ongoing support and purposeful intervention.”

Louis Krisman

Curriculum Specialist (English) and Specialised Teacher
"Children who struggle with language-related learning issues often face the daunting prospect of navigating an education system that is not aligned to their unique profiles. Armed with the right combination of training, experience and compassion, I find meaning in helping every child find success at school and in life."

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