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Diagnostic Assessment
Diagnostic Assessment

To help students with learning difficulties, diagnostic assessments are critical for finding the underlying problem.

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Speech & Language Therapy

Interventions for your child’s speech, language and communication skills.

Autism Assessment (1)
Autism Assessment

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a medical condition which affects a child’s neurodevelopment. It refers to a broad range of conditions, characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech as well as nonverbal communication.

Intelligence Assessment (1)
Intelligence Assessment

Dedicated teachers in our Orton-Gillingham inspired English programme (GRIT) make phonics, morphology, comprehension and writing strategies systematic, sequential and fun for your child.

School Readiness Assessment-min (1)
School Readiness Assessment

School readiness refers to whether a child is ready to make an easy and successful transition into primary school.

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Dyslexia Assessment

Early assessment and appropriate interventions can lead to significantly better outcomes.

ADHD Assessment (1)
ADHD Assessment

ADHD is one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. It is often diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood.

Language Delay (1)
Language Delay

A language delay is a type of communication disorder that occurs when a child experiences difficulties expressing themselves or understanding others.

Developmental Language Disorder (1)
Developmental Language Disorder

If your child’s language delay continues into their schooling years, this could indicate a developmental language disorder (DLD). Such children usually have prolonged difficulties understanding and using language.

Speech Sound Disorder-min
Speech Sound Disorder

In order to produce speech sounds, one needs the ability to coordinate the jaw, tongue, and lips with breathing and vocalizing.

Speech & Language Therapy 1

Stuttering is a speech disorder characterised by problems with fluency and the flow of speech. Children who stutter tend to repeat or prolong words, syllables and consonant or vowel sounds.

Social Pragmatic Communication disorder-min
Social (Pragmatic) Communication disorder

Social (pragmatic) communication disorder is a condition where children find it difficult to talk to others in a social context. There is a persistent difficulty in the use of verbal and non verbal communication skills for social purposes.