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About Thomson Medical Group

Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, Thomson Medical Group Limited (TMG) is one of the leading listed healthcare players in the South-East Asian region, with operations in Singapore and Malaysia.

In Singapore, we are the largest private women’s and children’s healthcare provider with over 40 years of experience. We operate the Thomson Medical Centre, located in the central region of Singapore, with an extensive network of specialist women’s and children’s clinics across the island. We continues to strengthen our core specialties in women and children healthcare, and growing our network of specialist medical clinics and facilities, with medical expertise in gynaecological oncology, breast cancer, fertility, specialist dermatology, musculoskeletal and sports medicine, and dentistry. We are also a key provider of preventive care and wellness services, with clinics offering health screening, medical aesthetics, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Over in Malaysia, we operate a multi-disciplinary tertiary hospital - Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, located in Kota Damansara, and the award-winning TMC Fertility Centre which is the industry leader in assisted reproduction in Malaysia. We also own the proposed Thomson Iskandar Medical Hub, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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About Thomson Kids

About Thomson Kids and Thomson Counselling

Leveraging on 40 years of extensive experience in women’s and children’s health, Thomson Kids and Thomson Counselling are key components of Thomson Medical’s ecosystem of synergistic services, where children’s developmental health and well-being are taken care of holistically.

Supported by psychologists, speech and language therapists and special needs trained teachers, Thomson Kids is a learning centre for children with learning difficulties, through structured educational programmes derived from research-proven teaching methods.

Thomson Kids is helmed by Ms Frances Yeo, a child psychologist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. For the past 5 years, Frances has also led a paediatric clinic specialising in psychology and counselling at Thomson Medical. 

We recognise an urgent need to provide support for children with learning difficulties in mainstream schools. As these children struggle to pick up basic literacy and learning skills, they often develop secondary emotional problems such as feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and stress.  

Thomson Kids strives to help children with learning difficulties maximise their learning potential, so they will be better equipped to participate and progress within the mainstream educational environment.  

Thomson Medical’s focus on preventive health and wellness is also reinforced through its affiliated brand, Thomson Counselling, which helps children, teenagers and families address emotional and behavioural problems that may interfere with learning and general well-being.

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Hear From Our Clients

“Shane is my third child, so when I observed that he did not speak by age 2.5 years, could not point at anything, would not look me in the eyes or anyone else in our family, I found his behaviour weir...d. From age 2, he would always be lying down on his side and lining up trains in a straight line then staring at these trains from the corner of his eye. Such inappropriate play habits were a concern for me, but my biggest worry was "why can't my child say a word?"


“Heartfelt thanks for all you’ve done for my daughter’s life. We have seen gradual improvements and how she is trying her level best to realign herself again. She’s taking these steps voluntarily, but I know you are the key reason she is able to put in a lot of effort to bring herself up again. Our highest gratitude and appreciation. We are so grateful for you being there all the way, for our kind support and professionalism. Kudos Ms Frances!"


“I have two boys who were diagnosed with ASD and they are in mainstream school. They have been seeing Ms Frances for several years. Throughout the years, she has given us useful suggestions on how to deal with their learning and behavioural issues in school. With her help, the boys have been coping well and happy in mainstream.”

Mui Fong

“I couldn’t read or understand much which affected my spelling. Whenever I had a composition exam, I couldn’t write anything. I would have a ton of great ideas but would not be able to pen it down. Ms Xin Ying’s lessons made it easier to remember how to spell certain words. I can read much better and faster now thanks to the flashcards (card drill) Ms Xin Ying made us do every lesson. Also, other than teaching using worksheets alone, Ms Xin Ying would include games like Kahoot! and reward us with sweets or little gifts whenever we got it right.”


“When Shoshanna was in K2, we sent her for English enrichment class as her teacher expressed concern that she isn’t quite on par with her peers. Through that, we found that her progress was slow and sent her for a psychological assessment. After we found out she is dyslexic, we got remediation right away. I strongly believe it is important for the child not to be affected by their challenges during their schooling journey; it isn’t about grades but their confidence and emotional well-being.

Mrs Yip

“I didn't find out I had dyslexia till I was Primary 5 and did a test. Before that, I didn’t even know what dyslexia was. I also have ADHD, which was discovered earlier, around kindergarten, because my teacher suspected I had that. Due to my ADHD, I had strong impulses and they were stronger if there were underlying emotions—they were really hard to control. I did whatever I wanted, without thinking. I get very distracted very easily, even if it’s a faint click in the room. I would stop everything I was doing. And I am also extremely forgetful. For me, a little stress helps me get in the mood to focus.”


“I found out that I am dyslexic through my former English tuition teacher when I was in Secondary 2. My mother often finds it incredibly frustrating that I could not get the spelling of the words correct, even after much practice memorising it. However, thanks to Ms Xin Ying's guidance, my spelling has improved by leaps and bounds. In fact, not only did my spelling improve, so did my reading. Now, I am not only able to read much quicker than before but with greater clarity too. What I enjoy the most during her lesson is how she makes learning fun. In many of her classes, she would incorporate many different small and fun activities to keep us engaged, making her lessons extremely enjoyable. In one of her lessons, she even had us baking cookies while teaching us writing concepts.”

Xie Quan

“My frustrations as a dyslexic were mostly about not being able to read as fast and proficiently as everyone else in my class. I continuously would think that I was, and were, always going to be 2 steps behind my classmates and that I would never be able to catch up or even be lucky enough to be on the same level as them.


“We were unaware that Aysha had dyslexia until she started P1. As a child, she didn’t give us any reasons to cause concern as she had met her developmental milestones (was quick in learning how to talk / walk). She was quick to make friends, sociable and didn’t demonstrate any signs of having a learning difficulty or any developmental obstacles.

Mrs Minhas
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